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FMGE Coaching

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Foundation Batch

This batch is for the vacation students those who come for 2 months in India. 6 major subjects and 2 minor subjects are covered. This gives students much needed confidence to prepare for FMGE during their upcoming academic years

Regular Batch

This batch is for the graduated students from abroad medical institutions.All 19 subjects are covered These students can use Study Room (24 *7) for free. Also can attend complete test series and mock tests.

Semi Regular Batch

This batch for the students who come for short period. They will get 7-10 subjects maximum.

Top 10 Teachers Batch

Top 10 teachers batch This batch can get 10 subjects that we gives

FMGE test series

Two tests are conducted in every week In last month, there will be 11 subject wise tests (combo of 2 tests) and 3 mock tests.

Test and Discussion

Test and discussion conducted both online and offline.20 tests are conducted 3-4 hours of duration for each tests.Doubts will be cleared in online session also.


This is a one day session(9am-9pm) of all expected questions and hot topics of FMGE.20-40 questions used to come from MRP itself.